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PHP and MySQL Help
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This is a community dedicated to answer questions about PHP and MySQL as well as other Web Design related questions.


- Messages which contain: racism, sexism, and any other abuse of an individual's rights will be removed. Such abuse will NOT BE TOLERATED.
- No excessive profanity. We'd appreciate no profanity in the subject line, thanks.
- No porn. No warez material or discussion, which includes asking for CD cracks, Keys, generators or links to illegal warez files.
- Spam, gibberish, lamers & flaming will not be tolerated. This includes posters who are deemed a detriment to the peace keeping of the forums. This includes staying on the topic.
-Note: By posting a message in this community or joining this community, you are agreeing to adhere to the guidelines, and that you understand any message deemed against the said guidelines by moderators will be deleted. Any violation of the guidelines may result in a ban.

Other than that, adhere to the rules, and enjoy yourself.